All Sides Pictures‘ Team is coordinated by Marine Oury.

Before the creation of All Sides Pictures, she worked in Paris for various production companies and for the CNC – French National Center for cinema, tv and moving image (international production : The Love Punch, Sherlock Holmes 2 : a Game of Shadows, Despicable Me 2, Monte Carlo, The Smurfs 2)

She grew up in the French Alps and she knows very well the particularities of outside filmings.

Athletes and technical consultants

All Sides Pictures‘ Team is made up of experts in international production, sport performance, filming and security in extreme sets. Everyone has experience in feature films / broadcasting.

They are chosen for their artistic sensibility, their knowledge of filming technologies and for the importance that they give to the security.

They are recognized for their performances in : Aerial, Arctic, Moutain, Aquatic and Urban Stunts


Paragliding – Acrobatic and Proximity Flight

JB is a french professional paragliding pilot – paragliding designer and test pilot since 2004. He is specialized in acrobatic and proximity flight.

Advertising Films : Adidas Outdoor, Seat



Director – High Mountain

Olivier directs shootings at very high altitude. It’s not uncommon to find his team around peaks of 4 000 meters ! The team (director of photography, sound engineer, moutain guide) films in moutaineerings circumstances, combining constantly light weight material and quality of the shooting.

Documentary (Des Racines et des Ailes, Ecologie Verticale, 2014 / Chamousset, le chant des pierres, 2014) –  Advertising and Institutional Films (Ecrins national Park, Moutain Wilderness)

Caroline et James


Caroline grew on The Reunion (South Indian Ocean). She is expert in indoor climbing competition. With James, she travels now around the world (France, South-Africa, Philippines) in search of the perfect place to outdoor climbing (Trad, Sport, Multi-pitch). They work for a long time with sponsors for advertising and adventure expedition films.

Advertising Films – Adventure Expedition Films : The North Face, La Sportiva


Acrobatic Ski, Roller-blade and VTT – Urbain and Mountain

Mathias is a world champion in acrobatic ski and roller-blade. He is also a stunt-model for acrobatic sport shootings. He is part of the cast for Taxi 3 (roller-blade stunts). In recent years, he works on the other side of the camera lens and takes VTT stunts photographies.

Advertising Films and Feature Films (Taxi 3, 2003)


Director – BMX and Roller blade, Urbain

Hadrien is a director specialized in BMX and roller-blade stunt captations. He works mainly for advertising films.

Advertising Films (Renault, Décathlon)



Snowkite – Mountain and Arctic

Mickaël is a snowkiter and a mountain guide. His playing field is north arctic (Greenland, Spitzberg, Iceland) where he supervises regularly arctic expeditions. He shares his experiences in adventure expedition films.

Adventure Expedition Films (Wings Over Greenland, 2014)