COVID-19 : call for projects CNC CIT for an adaptation of pipelines to distant production !

The CNC has provided his CIT funds with an additionnal envelop to meet adaptation needs of Cinema, Audiovisuel and Digital experience technicals providers to the requirements of the COVID health crisis.

Are expected : “all projects to reorganize the work of teams or to adapt tools and spaces (telework, respect for distance and health requirements, management tools or remote production… ) contributing to a continuity or a recovery of the activity of the company.”

Projects can respond to short-term business maintenance needs directly linked to the current COVID health crisis, or anticipate medium and long-terms adaptation of pipelines.

In this type of projects, All Sides Pictures works particularly to link emergency investments to sectoral differentiation needs of the compagnies we support.

After advising 2 technicals providers for the CNC CIT of April 30, we are at your disposal to build your evolutionary project for Mai 22, August 21 and October 10. 

All Sides Pictures & Ecran Total

All Sides Pictures was one of the advertisers of the special file dedicated to the Région Sud PACA by Ecran Total in February !

We will appear again in the pages of the special issue Cinema and Audiovisual Providers of this professional journal.

New en 2020 !

° In 2020, our services are expanding !

> Authors : through “shorts” packages (1 to 3 days), we open our support in financial development  for concept / writing / rewriting.

> Environmental innovation : we are extending our expertise in “ecoproduction” financing to compagnies in all sectors carrying out R&D or ecological investments.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects and receive our general conditions of sales !


° In 2019, 8 compagnies have trusted us :

VII Académie (photojournalism and media)
Financial development for photojournalism masterclass
Financial development for pluridisciplinary festival Nature : Through Her Eyes

2DHD (animation studio)
Financial development for 2D serie concept

The Beast Makers (softwares developer)
R&D financial development for 3D charaters Rig simplification

Mont-Mars (hybrid sound studio)
Financial development for hybrid sound editing equipment TV / Web / Binaural

MyRole (web application for casting and administrative management  of filming staff)
R&D financial development

OtherSide Studio (motion capture / VR studio)
Financial development for immersive games prototype
Financial development for motion capture / VR equipment and capture set

> 3 companies completed their projects during the year :

MyRole has deployed its digital safe for a fully dematerialized administrative management of filming staff. The web application originally designed for extras profiles is now available for technicians. More information on this ideal dematerialization for the fluctuating hiring of animation studios here.

OtherSide Studio presented to the public a 2 players version of REDUX, its immersive real-time motion capture / VR game prototype.

The VII Académie presented a first edition of the festival Nature : Through Her Eyes praised by the press and regional profesionnals. The speaker’s conferences and ITW are available here.


Festival Nature : Through Her Eyes

All Sides Pictures is proud to accompany the VII Académie in the financial development of the festival Nature : Through Her Eyes !

This pluridisciplinary festival aims to promote professional equality in the fields of literature, cinema and audiovisual, photography and university research, giving greater visibility to the specific look and to the career paths of women.

The first edition gathered from 19 to 21 Octobre in Perpignan, 25 women speakers with international careers (authors and editorial directors, documentary producers, directors of photography, commercial and sales directors, photographers, historians and researchers, law consultants and specialized lawyers) for the purpose of experience sharings, networking of the women working in these mostly male environments and training.

The exchanges and the associated film programming also aimed to put the specificity of the feminine discourse on Nature, more particularly attentive to the microcosms and the relational, in order to sensitize differently the general public to an urgent protection of the ecosystems.

Meet us at MIFA 2019 !

All Sides Pictures will at MIFA from June 11th to 14 th ! Contact us to talk about the financing possibilities of your most innovative 2D / 3D projects…

New mobile voice recordings offer in Sud-Paca

In early 2019, All Sides Pictures accompagnied the development of an hybrid sound studio at Provence Studios (Martigues).

Created for a 10 year sound experience on cinema / TV series / video games, Mont-Mars has imported since 2018 to Europe a concept of mobile voice recordings (on sets).

The fixed hybrid studio will be dedicated current 2019 to the realization of sound creations for animation and immersive projects.

A new french offer for motion capture

A motion capture studio has just been created in France (Région SUD PACA, Martigues), by ex mocap supervisors of Alkymia and Attitude Studio (Renaissance, 2006, The Prodigies, 2011, Pourquoi j’ai (pas) mangé mon père, 2015).

The great experience of the two fundators allows the studio to work from motion capture and animation 3D for feature films and video games to the production of motion capture / VR merged in real time (industries, theme parks, museums, specific video games rooms). The studio is specialized in fabrication of sets-structures for mocap shooting, strengthening a precision of play for actors and a reduce of costs and duration in post animation.

All Sides Pictures supports his creation through CNC files development, Industries Techniques (material and capture set equipment), RIAM (R&D) et DICRéAM (artistic production).