All Sides Pictures’ 2016 Cannes International Film Festival

All Sides Pictures - Cannes 2016

All Sides Pictures took part in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival for 3 days of meetings.

The production team presented All Sides stunts performers, pioneering filmings spots and the importance that we give to the security in extreme sets.

Meetings have also concerned the French support system for co-production and the Tax Rebate for International Production (production services).




All Sides Pictures’ team expands !

All Sides Pictures expands again your filming possibilities !

We gathered experts to coordinate filmings in polar and boreal regions, with snow and ski kite stunts.

Join us now for your filmings with Aerial, Arctic, Mountains, Urban and Nautical extreme sets.


Artic 02

Snowkite 01



To limit the impact of the shootings on the protected environments where we take you, All Sides Pictures is committed in an approach of ecoproduction encouraged by the CNC (French National Center for cinema, tv and moving image).

This approach concerns :

  • Production Offices : dematerialisation of files, use of recycled paper, management of the separate collection… ,
  • Grip / Set Operation : use of drones and paramotors instead of helicopters as far as possible,
  • Transportation : use of green vehicles as far as possible.

This approach of ecoproduction also aims to save up money during all of the production.

2016 Wish


Make a 2016 Wish !

We allow at your feature films projects new possibilities !

In 2016, new stunts categories are coming with snowkite and longboard experts.