A new french offer for motion capture

A motion capture studio has just been created in France (Région SUD PACA, Martigues), by ex mocap supervisors of Alkymia and Attitude Studio (Renaissance, 2006, The Prodigies, 2011, Pourquoi j’ai (pas) mangé mon père, 2015).


The great experience of the two fundators allows the studio to work from motion capture and animation 3D for feature films and video games to the production of motion capture / VR merged in real time (industries, theme parks, museums, specific video games rooms). The studio is specialized in fabrication of sets-structures for mocap shooting, strengthening a precision of play for actors and a reduce of costs and duration in post animation.

All Sides Pictures supports his creation through CNC files development, Industries Techniques (material and capture set equipment), RIAM (R&D) et DICRéAM (artistic production).

Cannes’ Summary



This 71th Festival de Cannes has been the occasion to sensibilize producers at the existence of specific funds for innovatives technologies audiovisual. We have worked to strengthen our connections with territories funds and we have met our principaly partners to finalize their R&D and equipment projects or use of innovatives technologies.

We were also the representatives of high mountain filmings and we have awareness our partners to the eco-responsible measures necessary for this type of filmings. The Marché du Film allowed to start a thinking with the territory of the Hautes-Alpes about a new way to host filming projects in this specific sets.

Meet us at the 71st Festival de Cannes !

All Sides Pictures will be at the 71st Festival de Cannes from 11 to 14 May.

To talk about yours projects and there financial developments, meet us on the stand of the Région SUD (Pantiero).

We will also present ours filming expertise in high moutains (Alps).

See you soon !

FIFTI – Forum of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Images

In Decembre 2017, Marine Oury, manager of All Sides Pictures, was invited to the FIFTI – Forum of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Images, as a french expert in financial development for film projects, production compagnies or studios using innovative technologies (VFX, Animation, Motion Capture, 5D).

Thanks to the PRIMI team for the organisation and B2B meetings !

Here the reports of the conferences.






To limit the impact of the shootings on the protected environments where we take you, All Sides Pictures is committed in an approach of ecoproduction encouraged by the CNC (French National Center for cinema, tv and moving image).

This approach concerns :

  • Production Offices : dematerialisation of files, use of recycled paper, management of the separate collection… ,
  • Grip / Set Operation : use of drones and paramotors instead of helicopters as far as possible,
  • Transportation : use of green vehicles as far as possible.

This approach of ecoproduction also aims to save up money during all of the production.