In the French Alps, All Sides Pictures has rounded up mountain performers to allow at feature films projects new possibilities.

With progress of lightweight filming technologies, it’s time to propose new filming locations and a new approach to stunts, diversified and poetic.

Our team of production experts (line producers, technical consultants, athletes, specialized technicians, security advisors) is here to give you advices, to coordinate and to make secure your filming.


Script Consulting – high mountain sets and stunt possibilities

Filming Consulting – high mountain and stunt filming

Stunt Coordination in high mountain

Stunt Playing in high mountain

Filming Security – high mountain and stunts

Stunts Categories

Paragliding (proximity fly)

Stunts Players / Stunts Filming Coordinator / Stunts Camera Operators / Aerial Filming Equipment



Alps Moutaineriing

Stunts Players / Stunts Coordinator / Stunts Camera and Sound Operator / Filming Equipment in High Mountain



Freeclimbing (trad, sport, multi-pich)

Stunts Players / Stunts Filming Coordinator / Stunts Camera Operators / Equipment




Acrobatic Ski / VTT

Stunts Players / Stunts Filming Coordinator / Stunts Camera Operators / Equipment




© Photos : Jean-Baptiste Chandelier / Louis Garnier, Caroline Ciavaldini / James Pearson / Francisco Taranto Jr, Olivier Alexandre, Mathias Wexteen

Projects Followed

The Ecrins national park, Nomade Productions

Sur les Iles du Ciel, TV documentary (2017)

Development and filming supports in high mountain (Alps)



Alps film locations – Internationale production



To limit the impact of the shootings on the protected environments where we take you, All Sides Pictures is committed in an approach of ecoproduction encouraged by the CNC (French National Center for cinema, tv and moving image).

This approach concerns :

  • Production Offices : dematerialisation of files, use of recycled paper, management of the separate collection,
  • Grip / Set Operation : use of drones and paramotors instead of helicopters as far as possible,
  • Transportation : use of green vehicles as far as possible.

This approach of ecoproduction also aims to save up money during all of the production.