A motion capture studio has just been created in France (Région SUD PACA, Martigues), by ex mocap supervisors of Alkymia and Attitude Studio (Renaissance, 2006, The Prodigies, 2011, Pourquoi j’ai (pas) mangé mon père, 2015).


The great experience of the two fundators allows the studio to work from motion capture and animation 3D for feature films and video games to the production of motion capture / VR merged in real time (industries, theme parks, museums, specific video games rooms). The studio is specialized in fabrication of sets-structures for mocap shooting, strengthening a precision of play for actors and a reduce of costs and duration in post animation.

All Sides Pictures supports his creation through CNC files development, Industries Techniques (material and capture set equipment), RIAM (R&D) et DICRéAM (artistic production).