The CNC has provided his CIT funds with an additionnal envelop to meet adaptation needs of Cinema, Audiovisuel and Digital experience technicals providers to the requirements of the COVID health crisis.

Are expected : “all projects to reorganize the work of teams or to adapt tools and spaces (telework, respect for distance and health requirements, management tools or remote production… ) contributing to a continuity or a recovery of the activity of the company.”

Projects can respond to short-term business maintenance needs directly linked to the current COVID health crisis, or anticipate medium and long-terms adaptation of pipelines.

In this type of projects, All Sides Pictures works particularly to link emergency investments to sectoral differentiation needs of the compagnies we support.

After advising 2 technicals providers for the CNC CIT of April 30, we are at your disposal to build your evolutionary project for Mai 22, August 21 and October 10.